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Switzerland is
the place to be.

The ideal destination for your professional and personal activities.


More than 850 international companies are headquartered in Switzerland.

Switzerland is one of the first countries in the world in the international rankings. Its stable and competitive environment, as well as its very low taxation compared to the European average, form a solid basis in a professional and multilingual context.

International Trade and Banking Support

Precision Manufacture and Quality Crafts

Pharmaceuticals and


Thanks to its liberal policy, Switzerland allows foreigners to freely participate in a local business by way of acquiring shares in an existing company or creating a new company, without the need to be the company’s director or Swiss resident. There is no need to participate in professional associations or organizations in order to be eligible for holding an interest in a company.







Foreigners living in Switzerland also contribute to the country's linguistic diversity. English and Portuguese are the most widely spoken foreign languages in Switzerland.


Choose Switzerland for the next stage of your life.

There are many good reasons to settle in Switzerland: its security, economic and political stability, its infrastructure and transport networks, excellent education and health systems, its multilingual and international, and an attractive tax system, with almost no wealth tax (less than half a percent), make it without a doubt the country with the most harmonious quality of life in the world.

City and Countryside

Lakes and Mountains

International Routes and Airports


Switzerland is located at the very heart of Europe. Although it is not part of the European Union, its location allows Switzerland to actively participate in the European market thanks to bilateral agreements and simplifying international trade while remaining an independent nation within the continent, preserving its unique culture and multilingual diversity.

As a country with multiple official languages, Switzerland shares close cultural and linguistic ties with its neighbours – Germany, France, Italy – these three being listed among the largest markets in Europe.

We offer a comprehensive service of solutions tailored to the needs of natural and legal persons in different sectors. Whether you are seeking a residence permit, buying a property in Switzerland or seeking advice on the use of commercial structures, Fincorpo provides the services you or your business need in a dynamic business environment of today and tomorrow. We take care of all procedures and procedures concerning your personal needs and answer all your questions, while ensuring quality, speed and confidentiality.



In the last 30 years, we have gone through three economic crises and ensured our expansion. We maintain the company’s longevity as well as our relationship with our customers with the same vigor.

Our team

An integrated approach to the management of your needs, based on operational, administrative, accounting, legal, tax and real estate services, multilingual, tends to offer our clients tailor-made solutions and supports them in the realization of their projects and approaches. We bring your ambitions to life!

2 Offices

In order to meet the many requests of our clients, we have opened two offices, one in a French-speaking canton and another in a Swiss-German canton, so that we can meet our clients quickly and throughout Switzerland.

Our Clients

We support them in their activity by a team of multilingual professionals, guaranteeing them a tailor-made service and support up to the defined result. And for more than 30 years, our clients have been faithful to us; today we also provide our services to their descendants.

Individual approach

With more than 30 years of experience in supporting businessmen and families wishing to establish a business in Switzerland, we can offer you a service adapted to your highest requirements, taking into account the long-term perspective.


We're not middlemen. We are Incorporating Agents and we manage our own companies.


All received data is encrypted and stored on a server, which is stored in a secure location in Switzerland.


The documents relating to our clients' companies are signed in 12 hours.


Our Quality Management procedures ensure accurate and fast solutions.

Complete Solution

Responding to our customers’ requirements and providing them with solutions in all spheres of their business, are pillars on which we have built our business.

Since 1991 on Swiss soil, with our experience and networks, we would be delighted to support you in your research with investment projects throughout Switzerland, whether in the field of real estate, sustainable development, the financial market, or other projects tailored to your needs. We have at your disposal an expert in the field of financing commercial and residential real estate projects. We are your predestined Family Office!

Creating your company in Switzerland

Our multidisciplinary and multilingual team supports you in the process of creating a company from A to Z. Thus, we take care of all the initial steps from the choice of the company name to the publication in the commercial register, then we ensure the continuity of the life of the company by offering our services of administration, domicile and accounting, this throughout the period of existence of the company until the liquidation, the assignment, the reorganization and the succession, this last option allowing you to keep control of the company by maintaining the ties between the heirs and ourselves.

Transferring your activities to Switzerland

Since Swiss law allows for the transfer of the seat of a foreign company on Swiss soil, we are always ready to help you to organize the procedure in compliance with Swiss laws and the laws of the initial seat. Our team of qualified lawyers with knowledge of several European languages is able to accompany you in the procedures for evaluating the company’s right of seat in order to define the advantages and disadvantages of such a transfer.

Acquire a Swiss company or merge with a Swiss company

The stability of the Swiss financial center and its attractiveness in terms of taxation attract the attention of multinational groups worldwide, which is clearly confirmed by the presence of the giants of commerce and pharma in the country. We would be happy to assist you in your research of projects in the field of Merchants & Acquisitions.

Home in Switzerland

A pleasant climate, a stable and powerful economy, unparalleled medical services, high-quality social and medical insurance, very high security, quality of life among the best in the world - this is a very small portion of the countless benefits offered by Switzerland. This placement among European countries allows him to position himself as an ideal place to transfer his family home or his center of interest. In these circumstances, it is essential for any interested person to be accompanied by experts in the field of relocation. Our team will assist you in your search for solutions for moving to Switzerland from the choice of type of residence permit (tax package, studies, business, qualified employment, medical stay), through all administrative procedures with the authorities, as well as the acquisition or rental of real estate and the placement of children in schools or universities, until the planning of your succession.

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